what to pack for flights: carry-on essentials


  1. hand sanitizer/moist wipes: yes the number one must have on your list. If you happen to forget something, hand sanitizer is one thing you don’t want to forget. There’s so many people in the airport and in the plane and you really don’t want their germs. Yes sharing is caring, but hey this rule doesn’t apply to germs. No thank you!
  2. phone/ earphones: download new music or podcasts to keep you entertained because let’s face it there’s not much to see out of that airplane window. You can stay entertained by staring at fluffy clouds for so long before you are bored out of your mind.
  3. chargers: another item you don’t want to forget ,or you might die of boredom once that phone or I pad dies on you.
  4. ear plugs: Because no one is trying to listen to a screaming baby or your snoring neighbor all flight.
  5. travel purse/wallet: have to keep your essentials and important documents all in one place, so might as well invest in that new Michael Kors bag/ wallet you were eyeing for awhile now but didn’t have a legitimate excuse for buying. Well now you have a great excuse so go treat yourself!
  6. a good book: once you’re sick of messing with your phone/ I pad, I guess you might as well open that book to kill some time. I mean what better do you have to do on that long flight ?
  7. snack/water bottle: airplane snacks got nothing on those Luna bars and well staying hydrated is important.
  8. comfy outfit: I can’t imagine that being stuck in jeans all day in an airport/plane can be comfortable so remember to pack some comfy clothes to bring with you.  
  • what is on your flight essentials list guys?

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