Just because New York’s weather is turning brisk, doesn’t mean adventures have to end! Those who love adventure can’t just stay home when there’s an extended weekend in store. To kick off Veteran’s day weekend, my friend and I decided to venture out and check out some neat museums not too far from home.

The first pit stop was Mack truck’s historical museum! Before you even enter the museum, you get scenic views as you drive through Allentown! When you enter the museum, you get greeted by friendly staff and get a tour guide who shows you around the entire museum! Guys, if you are ever in the area this museum is a must see! It has so many neat things and it has something to offer for every one, even if  you think you’re not into trucks.

(The engine looked awesome)

Next pit stop was America on wheels museum! Also a museum that didn’t disappoint!


And of course if you’re in a new town you will have to check out their mall and other shopping centers, so that we did before heading home! None the less it’s been an adventerous day!

Also happy Veterans Day and thank you to all who are serving or have served!thank you for your service and sacrifice! May God Bless you & America!❤️


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