candles I have been loving: fall edition


There are those people that love candles and then there are those that hate candles, there’s no in between& I happen to be one of those people that absolutely loves candles. The obsession is real! There’s never a day when our house doesn’t smell like anything! So, what candles have I been burning this fall season?

  1. caramel pumpkin swirl from bath and body works: my friend got me this candle for my birthday last year and I burned it completely to the bottom! With caramel and pumpkin swirl scents together , you get the best of both worlds. This scent reminded me of pancakes with syrup because that’s what it exactly smells like! yum.
  2. super sweet pumpkin from yankee candle has been another big hit! Also a candle one of my friend’s got me for my birthday one year. This candle is seriously fall in a jar and I love it! the scent is not over powering, but yet you still get a hint of pumpkin in there!
  3. pumpkin coconut from bath and body works: The candle’s description reads: enjoy a treat with a touch of the tropics in a blend of toasted coconut, spiced pumpkin puree and a dash of vanilla. must I say more? glorious scent. Another candle one of my friend’s got me. (yes my friend’s know me real well)
  4. stress relief from bath and body works aroma therapy line- this candle is heavenly! The description on the candle reads: Eucalyptus essential oil clears the mind while spearmint essential oil uplifts. This candle has been repurchased so many times and continues being my number one through out all these years. At the end of a long day, nothing more relaxing than  throwing in a lush bath bomb, lighting this candle and just unwinding! this candle has been a life saver during the good old college days when stress level was over the roof. so calming and relaxing. Also perfect for burning for a couple of minutes before bed to help you fall asleep!!
  5. be rejuvenated from Sonoma –  uplifting notes of Tarocco orange, sugared clementine and zesty tangerine combine with juicy mandarin splashed over earthy hints of warm patchouli, soft amber and white woods. This candle is so relaxing! love burning this candle when I’m siting down at the dining room table with a cup of tea.
  6. cozy warm by yankee candle: my most recent purchase and I fell in love with this scent. This scent reminds me of sitting near the fire place on a brisk fall or winter day while sipping on hot chocolate. The hint of hot cocoa give this candle a very fall/ winter vibe! most certainly will be burning this candle through out the rest of fall and through the chilly winter season.

stay tuned to see what candles I’ll be bringing out for the holiday season/ winter. What candles are you guys loving?






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