Rhonda Allison skin care reviews

img_5731If you’re OCD about your skin care routine like I am, you probably tried all kinds of skincare products through out the years. There were skin care products I loved, was neutral about, and then there were those not worth writing home about! However, when I went in for a facial and was introduced to Rhonda Allison line of skin care products it was life changing! Always looking to nature for inspiration, Rhonda blends the best of active ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin. The Rhonda Allison company and its affiliates are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor to go green when ever possible and they don’t do animal testing. A huge plus in my books, if one should ask me. I tried several products from this skin care line, stay tuned to see what I have been loving.

My number one product that I keep repurchasing is their facial cleansers. They have these in basically every scent you can imagine. My favorite one has been the pumpkin cleanser! This cleanser leaves your skin hydrated and refreshingly clean with the benefits of lactic acid, their signature pumpkin cleanser also uses natural pumpkin extracts to support brighter, glowing skin.  That is sure does, the glow is real!

fruit acid botanical- my skin tends to be on the oily side so I use this wonderful product to keep that oily skin at bay! It regenerates the skin and helps to control excessive oil production. It quickly absorbs into the skin and it’ll have your skin feeling smooth like never before.

derma peel- a gel-based enzyme that has a unique ability to liquefy and then bond together to form a natural granular exfoliation that leaves skin feeling polished, soft, and refreshed. Derma peel provides a safe gentle surface exfoliation for any one needing to remove surface build -up. This product is used weekly so one container of this product goes a long way!

With every product I tried from the Rhonda Allison line, I can attest to the fact that no other skin care products on the market compare.

Rhonda Allison clinical enterprises is a professional skin care company that sells only to professional facilities and not directly to the consumer so you can’t order off their website. However, I would check your local spas because many spas carry Rhonda Allison products. Or there’s always that option of ordering off E bay!

facial cleanser- large bottle- $30

small bottle- $12 (this bottle is the travel size)

fruit acid botanical-  large bottle-$32

small bottle- $14

derma peel- $15


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