too faced make up products I have been loving

I’m one of those girls that is  always willing to try a new beauty product to see if it will work for me. However when I tried too faced products, I fell in love and have been using their products for years now. Not only is the packaging super cute on all their products and everything smells like chocolate, their products work wonders on my skin.

too faced queen sized mascara- I don’t remember last time I used any other mascara than this one!! In just one coat, you get lashes that are ultra-long, thick, defined and curled and best part it lasts all day. The mascara brush has long and short bristles, which gives your lashes that layered look. What is there not to love?

too faced eye primer-  For one, I love that this eye prime is ultra- light formula!
It glides effortlessly onto lids to create a smooth, even, seamless shadow application and a stay-put look every time. It locks down eye shadows and intensifies color to ensure crease-proof, fade-proof, water-proof wear. In fact even my intense work outs at the gym don’t stand a chance to this primer! After an hour of intense cardio my eye make up remains on point! now that’s a win.

too faced cocoa powder foundation- for one it smells like pure chocolate!!! yum?? I use it over my liquid foundation and I absolutely love this product! It has an amazing coverage and I love how it glides on seamlessly, blending into skin for a matte finish.

too faced cocoa contour- probably my favorite contouring and highlighting kit I ever laid my hands on. The pigmentation is perfect, it’s basically a universal kit for all skin tones. I absolutely love that all the tones are very neutral. It applies so easily and blends beautifully. Whether you are going for the instant cheek bones, skinny sculpt, celebrity contour, or just a basic every day contour, you need this kit in your life!

too faced cocoa contour- $40 ulta

too faced cocoa powder foundation-$ 34 Ulta

too faced eye primer- $ 20 ulta

too faced queen mascara- $21 ulta

What beauty products have you guys been loving?


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