Christmas gift guide for her:2016 edition

Do you maybe have a female in your life who you just don’t have an idea of what to get for Christmas? No worries, I put together a list of items that are versatile for any female in your life whether it be your mom, grandma, sister, friend, or girlfriend! stay tuned to see what I came up with, and maybe you will find inspiration.

for those who love to be cozy: well who doesn’t? especially with the cold months approaching upon us.

a robe, fuzzy socks, new throw blanket, heated blanket, Uggs, or new set of pajamas make the  perfect gift. This is one of those gifts that will always be appreciated and used over and over again. My one friend got me a robe several years ago I still use it to this day. Last Christmas my other friend got me a robe and seriously the best gift one could get, you can’t ever have too many robes. My brother got me Uggs one year, and I seriously got so much use out of them already and they still are looking brand new. Pricey, but the quality is amazing. They are a match maker in heaven for our New York winters, and I love them a lot. So if winters are brutal in the state where you live, Uggs is a phenomenal investment.

for the fashionista in your life:

Clothes shopping  for some one else is usually not a good idea, but if you know this person I feel like they wouldn’t complain if you got them a nice new sweater or a new cardigan. Big thick chunky sweaters/cardigans are so in for the season, plus you can’t ever go wrong with buying one of these, most all females fall/winter wardrobes consist of this staple piece and they’d never say no to a new addition.

scarves- especially blanket scarves! so comfy & so stylish!

for the beauty gurus in your life:

Rhonda Allison skin care products- this skin care product is seriously amazing! It’ll give the skin a make over in no time! I did a review on these products In one of my previous posts, if you missed it you can check it out by clicking the link below. you can thank me later guys!!

Urban decay eye shadow palettes- every girl should have at least one of these in her make up collection!

IT brushes- These brushes are perfection! Perfect for applying powder foundation and achieving that flawless complexion! It comes with 5 different brushes. Effortless beauty has never felt so indulgent that’s for sure!

Michael Kors perfume- my friend got me glam Jasmine & let me tell you, I think this is my new favorite scent! I got my mom several of Michael Kors perfume sets, and she loves each and every one.

Versace bright crystal perfume- another amazing scent that I just keep repurchasing over and over again! This enchanting fragrance features high notes of yuzu and pomegranate layered over a base of musky Mahogany and amber, with a kick of  distinctly feminine peony, Lotus, and magnolia. So feminine and florally!

Conair infiniti curling iron-  I have been using this curling iron for as long as I can remember, and I absolutely love it! 1/2 in to 1 in curling iron. It’s the perfect curling iron to get those tight curls. It reduces frizz, and creates soft, silky, curls. absolute perfection!

a cheaper alternative to Conair infiniti is the Remington wand, I got it in “wide” to achieve that loose bouncy curls look. I  just recently bought it, but so far I have been impressed with this product.

chi chi hair straightner-  These are perfect for traveling. they come in so many different cute colors! Leaves your hair pin straight and looking silky smooth! great investment for that lady friend in your life that loves straightening her hair.

dry bar hair dryer- the perfect hair dryer for traveling! it folds up and weighs 1 POUND! say what? It dries hair much faster than other hair dryers and controls the frizz.

I can go on with beauty products forever and the list is never ending but let’s move on.

for the fitness junkie in your life-

fitbit- my friend got me one & lets just say I don’t remember a day I haven’t had it on! (unless it’s charging) They have these in so many different styles and all kinds of fun colors. You can track your exercise , steps, what you have eaten for the day, your sleep cycle. There’s an option to compete with your friends on different challenges. let’s talk about great motivation to get your butt moving!

north face fleece/ jackets- my absolute favorite! Whether it’s for running errands, hiking, shopping trip, or going to the gym my north face is coming along!

under armour hoodies-  They are water resistant the cold gear fabric traps heat and wicks sweat to keep you warm, dry, and light. perfect for bringing along with you to the gym or when you go on chilly morning or afternoon runs.

lululemon/ Victoria secret leggings- these are a staple piece in every fitness junkie’s wardrobe!


lets be honest, now what girl doesn’t love accessories? I now this is my weakness, can’t ever have enough accessories!!

wristlets- these are perfect for when you don’t want to haul your bag around! throw in your phone, cards, money, attach your keys to the wristlet and you’re ready to roll! My favorite wristlets I have been loving is this gold  MK wristlet my friend got me for my birthday, and my mom got me the same style one year for Christmas in silver, I have been using these every season! they are perfect!

cross body bags are so in for this season- They are perfect for when you want to be hands free as you’re running errands or for that quick coffee run. My mom got me a black mini cross body bag for  Christmas this year ( yes she gave it to me early because she said she couldn’t wait until Christmas) and I have been bringing it with me every where I go! It’s the perfect size and fits all my essentials.

big watches are so in style- the styles out there are endless and you just can’t go wrong with what ever style you choose!

jewelry- diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all, am I right? you can’t go wrong with getting jewelry! I mean what girl would complain about getting that blue box from tiffany&co? Pandora continues being a big hit through out all these years, can’t go wrong with Alex& Ani, and the list goes on.

for the cooker/baker in your life:

crockpot- less hassle and less mess to clean when prepping meals!  There are so many meals you can prep with the crock pot the choices are endless! perfect for the busy bees.

kitchen aid mixer- baking has never been better!


candles- I doubt that there’s one female that doesn’t like candles!

seat warmers- my friend got me these for Christmas this year(also couldn’t wait until Christmas to give these to me) and I can’t ever imagine my life with out these! They make New York winters much more bearable! ( I never want to get out of my car these days) so cozy & warm! the best gift ever!

stocking stuffers:

bath and body works hand sanitizer- one just can’t have enough of these especially through out these next few months when flu season will be upon us.

gift cards- whether it’s to her favorite store, a spa/ massage gift card….

lush bath bombs- no better way to relax at the end of a long day than with a lush bath bomb bath.

hope you guys found some inspiration from this blog of things I have been loving!

stay tuned for a gift guide for him/ for pets!

happy holidays folks & happy shopping!




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