Christmas gift guide for pets

With Christmas around the corner in a few short weeks, I’m sure that people started putting together their Christmas shopping list for what they want to get others for Christmas. If you have pets or want to get some one’s pet a Christmas present I have a wonderful idea, stay tuned!

for the pups:

The bark box- It’s a monthly subscription to get dog goodies delivered monthly to your door. You can cancel the subscription anytime you wish. You choose the size of your dog, next they have you choose what type of subscription you want. There’s an option for $20 per bark box per month for 12 months, $24 per bark box per month for 6 months, and $29 per bark box for a month. Every box contains 4-6  toys and healthy treats. You get different toys and treats each month! What pups wouldn’t appreciate one of these in their life?

you can order yours on:

for the feline in your life:

(Yes that’s a picture of my sweet rascal)

Same concept as the bark box for the pups, they have a meow box for the cat in your life. They have a monthly and every other month option for cats.

you can order yours at:

Also this time of year as the weather gets colder there will be much more homeless pets. Animal shelters are always looking for help, whether its help through volunteering or through donations of pet food, supplies, or money everything is appreciated. Every animal deserves to be loved and have a forever home! no animal should be left outside to freeze. If you’re looking for a pet to bring home this holiday season, pay a visit to your local animal shelter and give these animals a second chance to a better life. Let’s make a difference in an animal’s life this holiday season!



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