It’s the most wonderful time of the year: NYC edition

My Christmas present from one of my friend’s this year was to go to NYC. Neither of us have been to NYC during the holiday time, and let me tell you the city is such a magical place during the holidays! There’s so many things to see and do! Stay tuned to see what we got into this past weekend!

When in the city , would your trip be truly complete if you avoided the crowds of times square? We tried not to spend too much time in times square, but it’s always nice to take a stroll through here and do some sight seeing, especially at night!

Also would your NYC trip be complete if you didn’t take a stroll through 5th AVE and other random streets. It’s so much fun strolling the streets of NYC! Everything is all decked out for Christmas and you just get into the holiday spirit! We didn’t do any shopping other than stopping in to souvenir shops because neither of us had shopping in mind when we came to the city.  However it was nice to see the beautiful window displays as we were walking by different stores! We did however stop in at Macys and it was so packed but we walked around a bit any how to check out their Christmas decorations!

New York’s most exciting hotel experience!

How cute is this church?

We also stopped by Radio City! it was all decked out for Christmas and looked pretty! As we kept exploring we came upon the grand central terminal.

After exploring for a bit, we stopped in at central park! Central park is so pretty every season of the year no matter when you stop by. It’s also a very nice change of scenery after spending the day in the hectic city! Perfect for taking a little stroll and unwinding, while at the same time taking in a gorgeous scenic view.

Rockefeller Center is also a must visit place! The Christmas tree was not lit yet, none the less it still looked pretty!

And while in the city, you just must pay a visit to the international icon of the New York skyline, the empire state building!!

When in NY and passing by the trump tower, you must stop and visit the new president am I right?

We also checked out the public library, it had beautiful Christmas decorations up and it was perfect for warming up a bit! The architecture of this building is so unique and pretty too inside and out! so cool to just walk through the library and sight see. Not to mention the library is probably the only place in the city where you don’t have to wait 40 minutes to use the bathroom! not even joking here!

Bryant park also had the holiday vibe going! Unique shops were open, people were doing some Christmas shopping, the Christmas tree was decorated, the lights were on. Definitely puts you in the holiday spirit!

We had a wonderful time in the city this weekend! It was so much fun. Hope you guys enjoyed reading about our experience and hopefully you got some inspiration of things to do or see when you happen to visit NYC! If you visited NYC before, what are some of your favorite places to stop by?


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