Kicking dry skin to the curb.

With the colder months upon us, if you’re like me you suffer from major dry skin this time of year.  As much as it’s not appealing to the eye to see cracked bleeding knuckles, it’s also not pleasant getting that sting from overly dry chapped skin! Over the years I have tried so many beauty products to keep these dry skin problems at bay and to this day I haven’t found one single product that did the trick for me, however a combination of these three products have been doing wonders for me so far! ( doesn’t help that I keep reapplying hand sanitizer a million times a day)

My number one holy grail product for dry skin has been Delon+ body cream- It’s an ultra-hydrating body cream and is infused with coconut oil. It smells amazing and does wonders for the skin! I love that it goes on lightly and absorbs in the skin right away, you don’t get that greasy feel like you  sometimes  get with other moisturizing products. Pamper yourself with  Delon’s highly luxurious and nourishing body cream. This cream gently softens, moisturizes, and hydrates dry skin.

Another product I have been loving is miracle balm by miracle plus. It’s perfect for rough spots. I use it on my knuckles when they need that extra moisture. It smells gross but does wonders.

A very cheap drug store product, I believe I picked up at Walmart that I have been loving, is Suave lotion. It’s the perfect size that you can just throw into your purse and bring along with you when you are on the go. It’s smoothing cocoa butter& shea, it softens rough dry skin. It also goes on light and absorbs right into the skin the moment you rub it in. I use it all the time right after I get done washing my hands, so this gets applied about a million times a day!

What dry skin essentials have you guys been loving?





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