holiday candle collection!

Yes guys I was sad to put my fall candles away ,for I love fall everything ,and can never get sick of fall scents. Can’t believe that fall is over already! However with Christmas around the corner, and as the entire house is all decked out for Christmas I only found it fitting to bring out my holiday candle collection! I don’t really like much winter scents, but I have a few I have been loving for the past several years.

cozy warm by yankee candle is making its reappearance for the winter! I have been loving it and almost burned it to the bottom. I mentioned this candle in my previous blog post  “fall candles I have been loving “, if you missed it go check it out!

White Christmas from the holiday memories collection ,found at Kohls, has also been one I have been burning almost on the daily. I don’t really know how to describe this scent other than it has just the right hint of cinnamon!

Winter candy apple from bath and body works has been one of my favorites for years! You get a mixture of apples and oranges kinda scent. Not over powering like a lot of other Holiday candles, but enough to know its holiday themed candle!

What candles are you guys burning this holiday season/ winter? what’s your favorite holiday scent?


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