10 day juice cleanse: day 6

today’s recipe:

2 cups spinach

1 cup pineapple chunks

2 bananas

2 cups frozen peaches

No, I didn’t give up on my juice cleanse, I was just too busy this weekend and haven’t had the chance to work on blogs. I’m a day behind on blogs but yesterday(day 6) of my juice cleanse it was easy cruising! At this point absolutely all cravings are gone, energy levels are sky rocket, skin is looking amazing, and the juices fill you up. This recipe is also absolutely delicious and so tropical! Something about bananas in recipes makes every green juice that much better! I woke up with lots of energy, made green juice, and headed to the gym, got an hour of  intense interval cardio session in and felt amazing all day! I feel that the first 5 days drag and calls for a long week, but once you get past day 5 it’s easy cruising from there and the days fly by fast!


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