Bath and body works candle haul!

This past Saturday bath and body works had a huge candle sale!8.50 a candle! say what?Of course I had to stop in and grab a few even though I just restocked my candles when Yankee candle had a sale not too long ago! The candle enthusiast part in me couldn’t pass up this great deal! Lets be honest I will use all of them up at some point. The lines were insane, it felt like I was reliving black Friday, and then at night they send an email that the 8.50 sale is continuing online. Why bath and body works? Why not tell us earlier that you’ll have this sale online also?

I repurchased cinnamon caramel swirl because this one has been one of my favorites since last fall when I was first introduced to it. I did a review on this one In my blog post called ” candles I have been loving: fall edition” , If you missed it you can head on over and check  out the blog post!

An awesome blogger I have been following ( BeaFreitas) suggested salted caramel, of course I fell in love with this candle the second I smelled it! To me it smells like fall cup of coffee! Who wouldn’t want their candle to smell like coffee? On the candles description it reads: salted caramel, roasted chestnut, caramelized sugar and dark molasses. yum! Also if you aren’t following BeaFreitas, I think you should head on over to her blog and hit that follow button. She has great posts, and she’s a sweet girl!

I even found a winter scent, even though its rare for me to find a winter scent! I’m not into those strong masculine like scents, that the holiday candles tend to fall under. I found a candle called winter rose! it smells amazing! The description reads: soft rose petal, pink peppercorn, white cedar wood, and luxe sandalwood. Very feminine and florally! what is there not to love!

The last candle I picked up was lemon verbena. The description reads: effervescent lemon zest, verbena blossoms, lily of the valley. Perfect candle for the kitchen!

Also all the packaging on these candles are so pretty and festive! Can’t wait to start burning these!

if you went shopping for candles on Saturday , what candles did you buy?




8 thoughts on “Bath and body works candle haul!

    • natttblog says:

      Ella, I totally agree with you there was a big selection and I wanted them all πŸ™ˆthere were so many people jammed in one little store I just picked up my favorites and called it good! Thank you for stoping by And reading my blogs!😊

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