secret santa gift ideas- unisex

Secret Santa has been a popular tradition through out all these years, whether it be for a party with your coworkers, friends, or even family! Sometimes it can be time consuming and tough shopping for people you don’t know well, so I decided to put together some ideas that will be a crowd pleaser! chocolate kit-  Who would complain about getting delicious hot chocolate? Especially this time of year! Perfect for those cold winter nights!

2. mug/tumbler- There’s so many different endless possibilities with these! you can get these even personalized to have a special touch to them. I haven’t met a person yet that said they have enough mugs in their collection!

3. candles- Who wouldn’t want a festive holiday candle? card- Who would complain about getting a gift card? there’s so many endless possibilities with these also! Get them a gift  card to their favorite store/ restaurant/ starbucks/ dunkin.

5. multiple USB charging cable- The sleek and light weight four- port multiple USB charging cable will help phones, tablets, and other devices charged and ready in no time! Also perfect for traveling!

6. coasters- These always come in handy! stylish and will prevent the coffee table from being ruined!

7. touch screen gloves-Not only will the keep you warm, they are also convenient so you can use your phone with out taking off your gloves!



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