Christmas gift guide for men

If you are sitting there wondering what to get the man in your life for Christmas, and are having a hard time coming up with ideas, you aren’t the only one! Men can be hard to shop for, but don’t worry I put together a list of the typical gifts every man would love to receive.

  1. wallet- seriously this is one of those items that every man can use in his life. I don’t know why but men never buy themselves new wallets, seriously not until their old wallet has fallen apart into shreds! Ladies don’t allow your man to carry a wallet that looks like its from the ’30s era! Hook him up with a trendy wallet this holiday season! He will thank you for it later!
  2. cologne- What man doesn’t want to smell good? Another one of those items that they might not want to buy for themselves but will appreciate. One can’t ever have enough fragrances! Am I right?
  3. watch- yes, men love their accessories also! a watch will spice up any outfit and will make your man more classy!
  4. hats- from fitted hats to warmer winter hats these will never go out of style and guys have an obsession with these!
  5. shaving kit/skin care kit- lets be honest most guys don’t have a skin care routine! hook him up with a skin care kit this holiday season and teach him to take care of his skin! pimples and pores are just not flattering! As far as shaving kit goes, get him a luxurious shaving kit he wouldn’t buy for himself.
  6. sneakers- most guys have an obsession with sneakers! Even if they don’t ,who wouldn’t appreciate a new pair of sneakers?
  7. fitbit- I mentioned these in my gift guide for her, but seriously I feel that every one should have one of these in their life! plus they are so versatile that you can just buy a black one and it will be perfect for the man in your life.
  8. gaming- men will always be a kid at heart, and I feel that they will never grow out of videogames!
  9. headphones- whether they love to work out and can use these at the gym, or it’s for your sake so you don’t have to deal with noise in the house from their music or videogames, these will make the perfect gift! win- win situation here folks!
  10. phone battery case- These will make any one’s life easier!
  11. slippers/pj. set- who wouldn’t want to get a cozy gift? plus guys will never buy themselves a new pj set. They’ll have the same one for years!
  12. under armour/ north face hoodie/jackets- these make the perfect gift! I don’t know who in their right mind would say they have enough of these in their life! Perfect for the one who loves to work out, go on adventures, or just for lounging in the house!
  13. car care kit- these will always be put to use!
  14. tickets to a sporting event- guys love sports! You can’t go wrong with treating the guy in your life with one of these!
  15. gift card- gift cards are perfect! who would complain about getting money? Get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store and you can never go wrong with one of these. This is a perfect option for those who are just way too difficult to shop for! it’ll save you time and a headache!

hope you guys have found some ideas, and if you have any other ideas I have missed feel free to share them with me! happy shopping!


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