life update/greek peak adventures

Hey guys! sorry I have been MIA these past couple of weeks! I had a 360 life change, right before the holidays! I got a new job in a completely new state, had to do a site visit at my new job and had to find a new apartment! seriously all this was done in ONE week, right before Christmas! I hope every one had a great Christmas and made many memories with their loved ones this holiday season! My brother was home for the holidays so we had a lot of family bonding time before we all go our separate ways, with every one living in different states about 9 hours apart, I don’t think we will have much more of these opportunities where we can all spend a couple days together. Today my brother and I decided to get out in the snow and have some adventures before I move to North Carolina! We decided to go to greek peak mountain resort, stay tuned to see what we got into!

This morning’s wake up call consisted of my brother calling me from downstairs to see if I was up and getting ready for our greek peak adventures! I quickly jumped out of bed and got ready. We stopped at Dennys for breakfast before heading out to greek peak! We had a nice breakfast and were on our way to greek peak. In the car as we are driving, we are deciding if we want to go skiing. Neither of us ever skied before, so I youtube skiing for beginners and watch a video, I reassure my brother that skiing is not hard at all. He’s a dare devil and an adventurous soul like I am, so he doesn’t even question if it’s fitting for us or not. As we get closer to our destination, I tell my brother I feel a bit nervous about this entire skiing idea.( I heard some horrible stories of skiing gone wrong) And as we get to the hill I’m definitely questioning if this is a good idea. The hill was STEEP ( well for some one who hasn’t skied before). We go inside to rent out skis the lady asks us if we have skied before, we tell her we haven’t, she told us we would have to get a quick lesson before we go on the slopes. It was noon when we got there the next lesson started at 2. No way were we going to waste two hours doing absolutely nothing but waiting. So that solved our skiing shenanigans… NOT HAPPENING! Well that was easy. None the less we got into other awesome adventures! After messing around with snow boards we got into tubing! Tubing was so much fun! My brother and I had a blast!!!!

After tubing for a couple hours, we were whipped! Tubing is some serious business and tires you out!!( or like my brother mentioned earlier, we just might be old farts) So my brother and I decided it was time to head inside for some lunch! We had lunch at trax pub& grill & their food was delicious! We went outside on the patio, to enjoy our lunch near the fire with a nice view!

After lunch, we went to starbucks, got a warm latte and headed home! We had a great day and definitely glad we had the opportunity to head out there today and spend some time together before he heads back on the road tomorrow. (he’s a truck driver). Like always, I don’t want him to go yet, but glad we had a great time together for the past couple of days he was home.



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