apartment essentials

Couple days ago I signed my lease for my first apartment! One thing I’m very excited for is move in day. In the mean time I did a mini apartment haul of some essentials every one must have in their apartment, and I’m excited to share these things with you guys.

Number one being a coffee maker of course! I can’t live with out my coffee. I actually found some cute coffee bar ideas on pinterest, that I just might use for my kitchen. Not only will it be a cute décor, it’ll be convenient to have coffee essentials out on display and all organized for those busy work mornings.

crockpot is also an essential! it will be so convenient for those long days of work, get everything in the crockpot in the morning, come home from work to a nice warm dinner waiting for you! There’s so many crock pot recipes out there on pinterest that I can definitely survive on crockpot meals!

I also love my dinner ware set! It’s absolutely perfect. plain white and elegant.

forks/knives/ spoons are Oneida and a set my mom bought a while back that she never used so she gave them to me.

my drinking glasses are crystal glass, very fancy, and have this floral design. I wanted to get something more fancy for when I have people over. I don’t think I’ll be using these on the daily.

I found the most perfect café set at raymour and flanigan! I can’t wait to host brunch at my place and put these to use. How adorable is this set?

This crystal bowl I think I’ll use as decoration piece on the dining room table or coffee table. Perfect for filling with candy, or for every season you can fill it with seasonal décor. I’ll definitely get use out of it.

I’ll probably do an apartment décor blog, apartment furniture haul, and possibly apartment tour once I’m moved in. Stay tuned for some exciting blogs coming in the near future. Let me know what kind of blogs you want to see on here!


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