apartment tour/ decor/furniture haul

I know this blog post is long over due, I’m sorry for procrastinating guys! I have been out and about running errands and exploring this state a bit! Last week my friend was here for the week helping me move in, so after we were done with unpacking/ assembling furniture we got out and explored a bit! Move in weekend was quite interesting none the less. North Carolina gets snow once or twice a year, so of course on move in day NC would get hit with snow and ice. ( legend has it I brought the NY snow along with me) Snow down south is no joke, folks down here are not prepared for snow or ice at all. When we went grocery shopping that night people were in panic mode buying out the entire Walmart, I kid you not the shelves were completely empty!! Coming from NY I didn’t see what the big deal is about snow or ice, until couple days went by and there was still ice every where you went and businesses were still closed. In NY they take care of snow and ice the same day so us New  Yorkers were mind blown! The following day my friend and I were house bound so I decided to unpack all my clothes and shoes and get my closet organized. The following day which was Sunday, my friend and I went to biglots and I picked out all my furniture. If your’re on a budget and want good furniture big lots is your new friend! The following day we got a uhaul and carried the furniture up into the apartment. oh what a fun time, just the two of us, ice every where, and hauling heavy furniture up these huge steps to the third floor! fun fun! Well we made it with out dropping anything or killing ourselves down those stairs! We used the iced sidewalks to our advantage! Since everything was packaged good and we knew we wouldn’t scratch any furniture we just slid the very heavy stuff through ice and it slid easily! carrying things up those stairs is just another story! But we survived!! I’m all settled in and  feel right at home! This community is great and moving to this state was the best decision I have yet made!


Any furniture you see was bought from big lots!

Bedding was an apartment warming gift from my mom

All bedroom wall decor from Burlington

Lamps& mirror from Walmart

Flower decor from tj maxx!

Bathroom wall decor from Burlington

Shower curtain and mats from biglots and towel I believe Kohl’s! For the bathroom I went for the teal/ green combination as I did for my room I guess that’s my new color!

I love that my bathroom has a full wall mirror & is very spascious!perfect for doing hair & make up! I love it!

Washer/ dryer/ storage! I love that it has closing doors!

Love that everything in this apartment is painted white including kitchen cabinets it gives a very welcoming/cozy feel& brightens up the rooms! My kitchen is small but since the rest of the apartment is spacious can’t complain!

Kitchen/ dining room table from Kmart! Let me tell you how hard it is to find a decent table

Life’s necessity!

Nothing more welcoming than a fireplace! That was the first thing I seen when I opened the front door move in night& I was ecstatic! I always wanted a fireplace it gives off such a cozy vibe & this is my most favorite thing about the apartment! Not to mention such an easy & fun way to decorate! I’ll be changing the decor up by seasons but for now I went with a gold/white/silver combo for my living room. Keeping things neutral & elegant! All fireplace decor was purchased at either Ross/marshalls/ tj maxx.

I bought this wall decor at Burlington. My friend went out and got hooks, made it into a fun DIY project and made me a key holder & let me tell you how useful it has been. I never lose my keys any more and when I’m in a hurry it’s there for quick grab!

Living room wall decor from Burlington

Living room lamp from Walmart

Flower decor from tj maxx

Coffee table center piece from tj maxx. All furniture pieces from big lots. Lamp from Walmart

Candle holder from marshall

A big thank you to my friend who has done so much and put in so much work into moving me in! From hauling this heavy furniture, to assembling each and every one of those furniture pieces, to keeping me company all week and helping me get used to this new life style! It makes a world of difference to have some one with you for move in week when you don’t know a soul in the state and feeling home sick.Forever I’ll be grateful for everything!truly blessed to have such an awesome friend! Not to mention my friend drove 500 miles to help me!Couldn’t have done it with out my friends help! 


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