Valentine’s day!

My best friend is just the cutest, and knows how to make my day all day every day! so today I had to do some errands, like any other Saturday, catching up on things I procrastinated on, and as I’m leaving the post office I get a call from the leasing office saying how there’s an edible arrangement package waiting for me when I get back home, so on my way home I stop in at the leasing office and find out my best friend sent me a package. how cute!

So I get upstairs into my apartment, open the box and find out it’s chocolate covered strawberries!!!! yumm! absolutely delicious! at that point I didn’t even have breakfast yet but none the less dug in to the strawberries! can we say breakfast of champs? they were so delicious , I had to put the rest away in the fridge before I ended up eating the box!

Then as I’m talking to my mom on the phone, I hear some one knocking on the door. I open the door and get surprised with these beauties

Later on at night I get a call from the leasing office, that there’s a package from my mama, she put together a care package! world’s best mom award goes to my mama, she’s just the cutest! I’m 500 plus miles away from home and yet she still sends me packages and buys me things. I’m sure feeling loved today! can we say I have been blessed with the most caring friends and family!


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