tea party!


So to say the least that day light savings isn’t bad enough on a Monday, mother nature decides to send North Carolina a dreary rainy Monday, but North Carolina is rarely dreary and having had such a long streak of very warm sunny days I really can’t complain! Daylight savings got me feeling like I got hit by a train this morning, I know I cant be the only one! coffee, yes please!!!! so I’m home now its almost 7pm, got out of the shower changed straight into pjs and robe, made hot cup of honey vanilla chamomile herbal tea, feeling cozy, and reminiscing about last night!

So this weekend I decided to throw a tea party at my apartment for a couple of my friends, and it was perfect! yesterday as I was getting ready for church in the morning I looked out the window and saw a coating of snow! It set the perfect mood for a tea party!(even though the coating of snow was melted when I got out of church) nothing like a cozy after church tea party and catching up with some friends! we had so much fun, it was a great night! I also love that my apartment has a fireplace, it always feels welcoming and cozy in this apartment.

Saturday I did a homegoods haul and bought a lot of cute dinning sets, I bought tons of delicious desserts, set my dining room table up to give it an elegant look , bought fresh flowers it really felt like a tea room in this apartment! My friends also brought me a gorgeous bouquet of roses! these flowers are definitely brightening up my apartment on this dreary gloomy Monday! & I’m absolutely loving it! I’m loving all the new adventures I have been on here, absolutely love all the friends I made here! truly feeling blessed!

white dining set is from biglots that I mentioned in my apartment essentials blog, blue teal dinning set/all tea sets from home goods. Yellow orange roses from Walmart/ multicolored flowers from Walmart/ pink/red& yellow roses my friends brought. Table cover from Walmart /table cover protector my mom sent me. crystal bowl I used for my fruit salad my mom gave me also mentioned in my apartment essentials blog from several months ago!