hemlock bluffs nature preserve!

Weather in the 70s calls for venturing out of the apartment and hitting some trails! We have been spoiled with gorgeous North Carolina weather this weekend, and of course the adventurous soul that I am, had to get out and explore!

This nature preserve has 5 trails, which are pretty easy to hike yet still scenic, close to home and so I couldn’t go wrong with giving it a try! This was the first hike I went with out my hiking buddy so that was sad, but I still had a good time and got a good work out in!

Being out in nature does wonders for the soul! what better way to de-stress and rejuvenate! the quote ” get lost in nature and you will find yourself” couldn’t be more true! something about nature, mountains, forests, and trails has my heart and always will! I’m the type of girl that will take mountains over beaches any day, in a heart beat!