Kicking dry skin to the curb.

With the colder months upon us, if you’re like me you suffer from major dry skin this time of year.  As much as it’s not appealing to the eye to see cracked bleeding knuckles, it’s also not pleasant getting that sting from overly dry chapped skin! Over the years I have tried so many beauty products to keep these dry skin problems at bay and to this day I haven’t found one single product that did the trick for me, however a combination of these three products have been doing wonders for me so far! ( doesn’t help that I keep reapplying hand sanitizer a million times a day)

My number one holy grail product for dry skin has been Delon+ body cream- It’s an ultra-hydrating body cream and is infused with coconut oil. It smells amazing and does wonders for the skin! I love that it goes on lightly and absorbs in the skin right away, you don’t get that greasy feel like you  sometimes  get with other moisturizing products. Pamper yourself with  Delon’s highly luxurious and nourishing body cream. This cream gently softens, moisturizes, and hydrates dry skin.

Another product I have been loving is miracle balm by miracle plus. It’s perfect for rough spots. I use it on my knuckles when they need that extra moisture. It smells gross but does wonders.

A very cheap drug store product, I believe I picked up at Walmart that I have been loving, is Suave lotion. It’s the perfect size that you can just throw into your purse and bring along with you when you are on the go. It’s smoothing cocoa butter& shea, it softens rough dry skin. It also goes on light and absorbs right into the skin the moment you rub it in. I use it all the time right after I get done washing my hands, so this gets applied about a million times a day!

What dry skin essentials have you guys been loving?





too faced make up products I have been loving

I’m one of those girls that is  always willing to try a new beauty product to see if it will work for me. However when I tried too faced products, I fell in love and have been using their products for years now. Not only is the packaging super cute on all their products and everything smells like chocolate, their products work wonders on my skin.

too faced queen sized mascara- I don’t remember last time I used any other mascara than this one!! In just one coat, you get lashes that are ultra-long, thick, defined and curled and best part it lasts all day. The mascara brush has long and short bristles, which gives your lashes that layered look. What is there not to love?

too faced eye primer-  For one, I love that this eye prime is ultra- light formula!
It glides effortlessly onto lids to create a smooth, even, seamless shadow application and a stay-put look every time. It locks down eye shadows and intensifies color to ensure crease-proof, fade-proof, water-proof wear. In fact even my intense work outs at the gym don’t stand a chance to this primer! After an hour of intense cardio my eye make up remains on point! now that’s a win.

too faced cocoa powder foundation- for one it smells like pure chocolate!!! yum?? I use it over my liquid foundation and I absolutely love this product! It has an amazing coverage and I love how it glides on seamlessly, blending into skin for a matte finish.

too faced cocoa contour- probably my favorite contouring and highlighting kit I ever laid my hands on. The pigmentation is perfect, it’s basically a universal kit for all skin tones. I absolutely love that all the tones are very neutral. It applies so easily and blends beautifully. Whether you are going for the instant cheek bones, skinny sculpt, celebrity contour, or just a basic every day contour, you need this kit in your life!

too faced cocoa contour- $40 ulta

too faced cocoa powder foundation-$ 34 Ulta

too faced eye primer- $ 20 ulta

too faced queen mascara- $21 ulta

What beauty products have you guys been loving?

Rhonda Allison skin care reviews

img_5731If you’re OCD about your skin care routine like I am, you probably tried all kinds of skincare products through out the years. There were skin care products I loved, was neutral about, and then there were those not worth writing home about! However, when I went in for a facial and was introduced to Rhonda Allison line of skin care products it was life changing! Always looking to nature for inspiration, Rhonda blends the best of active ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin. The Rhonda Allison company and its affiliates are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor to go green when ever possible and they don’t do animal testing. A huge plus in my books, if one should ask me. I tried several products from this skin care line, stay tuned to see what I have been loving.

My number one product that I keep repurchasing is their facial cleansers. They have these in basically every scent you can imagine. My favorite one has been the pumpkin cleanser! This cleanser leaves your skin hydrated and refreshingly clean with the benefits of lactic acid, their signature pumpkin cleanser also uses natural pumpkin extracts to support brighter, glowing skin.  That is sure does, the glow is real!

fruit acid botanical- my skin tends to be on the oily side so I use this wonderful product to keep that oily skin at bay! It regenerates the skin and helps to control excessive oil production. It quickly absorbs into the skin and it’ll have your skin feeling smooth like never before.

derma peel- a gel-based enzyme that has a unique ability to liquefy and then bond together to form a natural granular exfoliation that leaves skin feeling polished, soft, and refreshed. Derma peel provides a safe gentle surface exfoliation for any one needing to remove surface build -up. This product is used weekly so one container of this product goes a long way!

With every product I tried from the Rhonda Allison line, I can attest to the fact that no other skin care products on the market compare.

Rhonda Allison clinical enterprises is a professional skin care company that sells only to professional facilities and not directly to the consumer so you can’t order off their website. However, I would check your local spas because many spas carry Rhonda Allison products. Or there’s always that option of ordering off E bay!

facial cleanser- large bottle- $30

small bottle- $12 (this bottle is the travel size)

fruit acid botanical-  large bottle-$32

small bottle- $14

derma peel- $15

fall accessory trend

accessories-for-fall-800x10001. mini bags–  one of the most fashionable handbag styles this fall. They are the perfect bag for your errand days to coffee runs. not only are they very fashionable, it’s nice to be hands free when you’re out and about.

2. scarves-Don’t get me started on this scarves obsession! But seriously, they are the perfect layering piece. They’ll spice up any outfit  and if you live in a state that temperatures drop in the negatives, scarves become as functional as they are fashionable.

3.animal accents-because leopard is the new neutral. outfit is complete with out boots. whether its riding boots or booties, you must have them in your closet this fall. Perfectly paired with those skinny jeans or leggings; add a knit sweater or even a cardigan on top, and you’re ready to conquer the day.

5.tuxedo jackets-perfect for dressing up or for going for that casual laid back style.

6.statement necklaces-perfect for spicing up any outfit!

7.vests-The vest has been a staple piece in our closets for years now, but even more so in 2016 as its making it’s reappearance in every texture, print, and color imaginable.  Perfect layering option to spice up your favorite outfit!

what’s your favorite fall accessory?

fall fashion essentials


  1. plaid flannels: nothing screams fall like flannels. A must have staple piece in your closet for the fall. Perfect for layering with skinny jeans or leggings and a vest, throw on some boots and you’re good to go for a coffee run or a get together with your girlfriends around the bon fire on a chilly fall evening.
  2. scarves: not only do they spice up your outfit they’ll keep you nice and warm for those chilly evenings.
  3. boots: need I say more? they complete every fall outfit.
  4. leather jackets: leather jackets should be a staple in every girl’s closet. They’re so easy to style, no matter if your wardrobe ranges from feminine to edgy.
  5. denim jackets: probably one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet. You can wear denim jackets with everything and through out the entire year. They give a casual vibe to any outfit but you can also dress them up if you please.
  6. leggings: a necessity if you ask me. The outfit possibilities with leggings are just endless. But remember leggings aren’t a substitution for pants ladies. Perfectly paired with over sized sweaters and long cardigans for that comfy but put together look, add a scarf and boots to the mixture and you’ll be ready to conquer your day.
  7. oversized sweaters/cardigans: nothing cozier than slipping on an oversized sweater or cardigan for the chilly fall days. Whether you are heading to work, running errands, or going to class,  oversized sweaters are the perfect fall fashion statement.

What are your fall fashion essentials ?