Valentine’s day!

My best friend is just the cutest, and knows how to make my day all day every day! so today I had to do some errands, like any other Saturday, catching up on things I procrastinated on, and as I’m leaving the post office I get a call from the leasing office saying how there’s an edible arrangement package waiting for me when I get back home, so on my way home I stop in at the leasing office and find out my best friend sent me a package. how cute!

So I get upstairs into my apartment, open the box and find out it’s chocolate covered strawberries!!!! yumm! absolutely delicious! at that point I didn’t even have breakfast yet but none the less dug in to the strawberries! can we say breakfast of champs? they were so delicious , I had to put the rest away in the fridge before I ended up eating the box!

Then as I’m talking to my mom on the phone, I hear some one knocking on the door. I open the door and get surprised with these beauties

Later on at night I get a call from the leasing office, that there’s a package from my mama, she put together a care package! world’s best mom award goes to my mama, she’s just the cutest! I’m 500 plus miles away from home and yet she still sends me packages and buys me things. I’m sure feeling loved today! can we say I have been blessed with the most caring friends and family!


get to know me!

Lately I have been getting new followers, so what better timing to do a get to know me blog! I found a tag some of you have done, and decided to do one myself so you guys get to know me a bit!

  1. what do you order at starbucks? you’ll rarely catch me at starbucks! I’m definitely a dunkin type of girl! but I don’t even remember last time I have entered dunkin! I’m trying to make healthier choices and trying to make health and fitness a lifestyle so I make my own coffee to insure more healthier ingredients are going into my coffee!
  2. one thing in your closet you can’t live with out? leggings& yoga pants hands down!
  3. what’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I’m actually not sure how to answer this question, I’m an open book, I feel that people know everything about me!
  4. name one thing you want to do before you die? travel the world for sure!
  5. what’s one food you can’t live with out? pizza!
  6. what quote/ phrase do you live by? I love quotes, I have many, I’ll share a few!”The most difficult time in your life may be the border to your promised land”.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

don’t quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!

success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.

7.whats your most listened to song on your phone? Rise Danny Gokey

8. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? I wouldn’t say I have a style really! I go for casual comfy but I can dress up also!

9.favorite number? 4

10. two hobbies? hiking and traveling to new places

11.two pet peeves? when people chew with their mouth open or those that don’t give you personal space!

12. guilty pleasure? shopping!

museum of life and science adventures

When it’s a bit too cold to spend the day outdoors, but you and your friend don’t  want to be stuck in the apartment all day, you think of other adventures to get into! This museum has a lot of exhibits both indoor/outdoor. It has aerospace, wildlife, dinosaur trail, farmyard and so much more. Perfect for all age groups and family friendly! many things for the kiddos to get into!

nascar hall of fame!

When you live about 3 hours away from Charlotte, and North Carolina’s main point of interest is Nascar hall of fame, and you don’t check it out is your life really complete? This place is so neat, my friend and I seriously spent like three hours here checking everything out! if you’re in the area, you must definitely pay a visit! They have very cool exhibits, even if you’re not a nascar fan you’ll enjoy it! They also have cool interactive stations. After checking out all the exhibits and doing all the activities they had, my friend and I had lunch at their café. Fun adventurous day for sure!

quiz of the year response

First of, I want to start with thanking BeaFree for nominating me to do this quiz! and secondly apologizing for being MIA these past couple of weeks! I have been in the process of packing and moving to a new state. I’m finally all moved in ( huge big thank you to my friend for the big help on move in day) so now I can get back to blogging! If you have never checked out BeaFree’s  blog, you really should. She blogs some cool material, from lifestyle to fitness, to adventures, to anything in between!


Quiz questions:

What was your highlight of 2016?

The highlight of 2016 was, getting a new job, finding a new apartment, and moving to a new state in beginning of 2017. This was also my year of travels! from day trips here and there to flying across the US to visit my aunt and uncle in Seattle! I feel that I spent the majority of my days on the road and wouldn’t want it any other way.


Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

All my adventures I got into! especially my hiking trips, there’s always a fun story to go along with those trips!

Sum up 2016 in one word.


Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry through 2017.

God has something better for you, you just have to wait

never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass any way.

Do you have any new year resolutions?

This year I would like to get more into fitness and eating healthy( like every year) except this year ill hold myself accountable to this! I also want to explore new places and get into more adventures! I want to be more involved at church!

How did you ring in the new year?

I went to church with my family!

What would you most like to do in 2017?

I definitely want to travel more!

What are your main goals for 2017?

my main goals are staying fit, exploring new places, saving up money for my own house


I nominate:

  • ciarralorren
  • time for some inspiration!
  • a little detail

life update/greek peak adventures

Hey guys! sorry I have been MIA these past couple of weeks! I had a 360 life change, right before the holidays! I got a new job in a completely new state, had to do a site visit at my new job and had to find a new apartment! seriously all this was done in ONE week, right before Christmas! I hope every one had a great Christmas and made many memories with their loved ones this holiday season! My brother was home for the holidays so we had a lot of family bonding time before we all go our separate ways, with every one living in different states about 9 hours apart, I don’t think we will have much more of these opportunities where we can all spend a couple days together. Today my brother and I decided to get out in the snow and have some adventures before I move to North Carolina! We decided to go to greek peak mountain resort, stay tuned to see what we got into!

This morning’s wake up call consisted of my brother calling me from downstairs to see if I was up and getting ready for our greek peak adventures! I quickly jumped out of bed and got ready. We stopped at Dennys for breakfast before heading out to greek peak! We had a nice breakfast and were on our way to greek peak. In the car as we are driving, we are deciding if we want to go skiing. Neither of us ever skied before, so I youtube skiing for beginners and watch a video, I reassure my brother that skiing is not hard at all. He’s a dare devil and an adventurous soul like I am, so he doesn’t even question if it’s fitting for us or not. As we get closer to our destination, I tell my brother I feel a bit nervous about this entire skiing idea.( I heard some horrible stories of skiing gone wrong) And as we get to the hill I’m definitely questioning if this is a good idea. The hill was STEEP ( well for some one who hasn’t skied before). We go inside to rent out skis the lady asks us if we have skied before, we tell her we haven’t, she told us we would have to get a quick lesson before we go on the slopes. It was noon when we got there the next lesson started at 2. No way were we going to waste two hours doing absolutely nothing but waiting. So that solved our skiing shenanigans… NOT HAPPENING! Well that was easy. None the less we got into other awesome adventures! After messing around with snow boards we got into tubing! Tubing was so much fun! My brother and I had a blast!!!!

After tubing for a couple hours, we were whipped! Tubing is some serious business and tires you out!!( or like my brother mentioned earlier, we just might be old farts) So my brother and I decided it was time to head inside for some lunch! We had lunch at trax pub& grill & their food was delicious! We went outside on the patio, to enjoy our lunch near the fire with a nice view!

After lunch, we went to starbucks, got a warm latte and headed home! We had a great day and definitely glad we had the opportunity to head out there today and spend some time together before he heads back on the road tomorrow. (he’s a truck driver). Like always, I don’t want him to go yet, but glad we had a great time together for the past couple of days he was home.


secret santa gift ideas- unisex

Secret Santa has been a popular tradition through out all these years, whether it be for a party with your coworkers, friends, or even family! Sometimes it can be time consuming and tough shopping for people you don’t know well, so I decided to put together some ideas that will be a crowd pleaser! chocolate kit-  Who would complain about getting delicious hot chocolate? Especially this time of year! Perfect for those cold winter nights!

2. mug/tumbler- There’s so many different endless possibilities with these! you can get these even personalized to have a special touch to them. I haven’t met a person yet that said they have enough mugs in their collection!

3. candles- Who wouldn’t want a festive holiday candle? card- Who would complain about getting a gift card? there’s so many endless possibilities with these also! Get them a gift  card to their favorite store/ restaurant/ starbucks/ dunkin.

5. multiple USB charging cable- The sleek and light weight four- port multiple USB charging cable will help phones, tablets, and other devices charged and ready in no time! Also perfect for traveling!

6. coasters- These always come in handy! stylish and will prevent the coffee table from being ruined!

7. touch screen gloves-Not only will the keep you warm, they are also convenient so you can use your phone with out taking off your gloves!


Tioga downs winter fest!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas music playing, festive displays every where, houses all decked out for Christmas, festive baking has began, and flurries are in the air! There’s so many festive activities going on this time of year, it’s wonderful! My friend and I decided to go to a local event called tioga downs winter fest!

Lets just say the light show is always spectacular! They always do such a good job with their Christmas props! We checked out the lights, saw some neat ice sculptures, went on a wagon ride around the track ( even though it was 30 degrees out), warmed up by the fire, and checked out their other neat decorations they had inside! This is my second year coming to this event and I always enjoy it like it’s my first time!

Christmas tag

Happy December 1st Folks! we are officially 24 days away from Christmas! Scrolling through the reader, I noticed many of you bloggers participating in blogmas this year and I decided to join you. I know I enjoy reading these kind of blogs and hope you guys enjoy mine also.

1.Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie?
– Home Alone hands down watched this movie about 20 times and it just never gets old!
2. Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color?

-I have been into the silver/white/light blue combination kick
3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
– We go to church Christmas morning so we dress up

4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
-If I could only buy for one person then I wouldn’t buy for any one. It would be like playing favorites.
5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
– Christmas day after church
6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
– not that I can remember
7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
– I’m not in college any more, but in my free time I like to bake/ watch Christmas movies

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
– I want a white Christmas!
9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
– nothing screams Christmas like pine cones

10. Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
– all the desserts!

11. Which holiday do you celebrate?
 12. What are you doing for the holidays this year?
– We are having Christmas at our house this year
 13. What’s your favorite holiday drink?
– hot chocolate and peppermint mocha

14. Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
-Gingerbread man
15. What’s your favorite holiday/Christmas song?
–Silent night

16. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?
– I have never received a weird gift!
17. Have you ever made a snowman?
– most certainly!
18.What is your favorite winter fragrance?
– I don’t have a specific winter fragrance
 19. What is at the top of your list this Christmas?
– Honestly, I don’t ever have a Christmas list. haha too old for having a Christmas list!
20. What is most important to you about the holidays?
Spending time with friends and family and remembering that Jesus is the reason behind Christmas so praising the new born King!

hope you guys enjoyed and if you’re doing this tag let me know so I can go check it out! happy holidays!

10 day juicing cleanse

Are you looking to get a jump start to a healthier lifestyle? or maybe lose the extra pounds you put on from delicious thanksgiving food? then juicing just might be what you are looking for!

For months I have told myself that I’m going to start making healthier food choices and get more fit and it has yet to happen so I decided to give the 10 day green smoothie cleanse a try again. ( did it before once made it to day 3 & stopped) but this time around I’m documenting my journey on here to keep myself accountable and making sure I make it to the end this time! Also this time around I found a new juice maker when I was black Friday shopping so I was excited to test it out. Hey whatever it takes to get motivated guys! I’ll be sharing recipes, how I felt that day, and some other tip and tricks to get through these 10 days! Today is the start of juicing, day one is almost complete! only 9 more to go!

first and foremost here’s today recipe:

3 handfuls spinach

2 cups water

1 apple cored

1 cup frozen mangos

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 handful grapes

always place leafy greens and water into blender first and blend until mixture is a green juice- like consistency. then add the rest of the remaining ingredients in.

As day one is coming to an end, I would say today wasn’t half as bad as I imagined it to be. I think it also helps that I was busy through out the day. For the most part I think it’s all how you mentally approach things, because last time I tried to do juicing for 10 days I told myself how it’s an impossible task and I gave up day 3, this time around I’m coming in with an attitude that this will be so healthy for the body and is totally doable. I’m also discovering that it’s human nature to eat out of boredom and people turn to food when they aren’t even hungry. Like when I’m super busy I even forget that I didn’t eat but as soon as I have a bit of free time all I can think of is how I’m so hungry. Today the cravings have been real, I’m craving all the unhealthy foods my brain can possibly think of. I’m totally having withdrawals from coffee real bad. I convinced myself that I can’t even function with out coffee( although that’s probably a very true statement). None the less, for the majority of the day I had a steady energy flow. Later on through out the day started feeling low on energy and started getting a headache. Which is very normal for the first 4 days as your body is adjusting to healthy foods being introduced and having withdrawals from all the unhealthy foods. So I drank a bottle of water and the headache went away, energy levels aren’t too shabby. I was able to get a good work out in also! I figured out if you keep drinking a lot of water through out the day you feel full and it tricks your mind into believing that you aren’t hungry!  I also love chamomile tea with no sugar or anything added to it! I’m very excited to get a jump start into a healthier life style and seeing how this cleanse changes my body! stay tuned I will be doing daily updates to tell you guys about how everything’s going and will be sharing new smoothie recipes every day! oh and did I forget to mention? the smoothie recipes are delicious!

Also here are my thoughts on the toastmaster personal blender:

Today was my first day using it, and so far I am very satisfied with it! I love that it’s the perfect size and that you can bring it along to work with you or even perfect for travel. I use it even at home because I love having fresh made smoothies. I hate how when you store smoothies in the fridge for awhile they get the thick consistency. Also I love how it grinds frozen fruit right up like it’s nothing. It has awesome blending capacity and perfect blades. It’s perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, or even frozen coffee. Definitely will get a lot of use out of this blender for sure.

did you guys ever do a juicing diet/ cleanse? if so share your thoughts/ outcomes down below!