physical therapy for the geriatric poulation

Can you tell I’m a little excited for my new job in assisted living ? I promise I will have more of these physical therapy blogs coming your way this year. I know I have been really slacking with these type of blogs. Previously I worked as a therapist in a skilled nursing facility where patients are more dependent and bed bound for the most part, so they can’t do more than light stretching and easy strengthening exercises/ beginners balance training and gait. So I’m very excited to start working with patients who are Independent for the most part and can do advanced strengthening exercises, balance, gait. It’ll definetely be alot more interesting to work with these type of patients. If you’re a physical therapy student or a clinician i hope this blog gives you some inspiration and ideas for treatment. When I was a student I always loved reading these type of blogs to get new ideas!

So what does geriatric rehab consist of?


  • concentrate on strengthening LE especially ankle/core muscles affecting motor control.
  • reduce joint pain/ instability
  • correct postural faults

Exercise is effective in reducing falls!!

balance retraining:

  • target neuromuscular systems that control balance through various levels of challenge.
  • begin with controlling COG over BOS
  • progress by challenging the regulation of balance and postural stability specifically engaging visual, vestibular, somatosensory, and cognitive systems.
  • elicit postural reactions and ankle , hip , and step strategies by altering satimuli surfaces

gait training:

  • include all components of gait in addition to appropriate and accurately adjusted devices and challenge and advance with changes in surfaces/terrains/ elevations

disclaimer: information found in this blog taken from apta.